Church Life

Reverend Rick Boon

In a world where people need hope, we welcome you to the website of Hope Church in West Bend.

At Hope Church we know that genuine hope can be found on a daily basis. We experience that hope through our relationships with one another, and more importantly,through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The hope you desire is just an invitation away.

He has reached out to you, He has paid the price for your sins, and stands with open arms to embrace you. Yes, it took His sacrifice, the giving up of His life so that we might have life.

Scripture says it this way in II. Corinthians 8:9: "For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that though He was rich, yet for your sakes He became poor, so that you through His poverty might become rich."

When you respond to Jesus's offer by believing in His work done for you on a cross you will find hope now and for eternity. And when you respond to our invitation to join with us in fellowship and worship you will find hope through the support and encouragement that we offer one another. As a church community we desire relationships with all who walk through our doors.

Hope for you life is at your finger tips. Hope is just steps away. You will find it in the relationships that await you at Hope Church.

Church Life - what we do and why we do it

We live in a culture where the reality of God is either ignored or seriously doubted. Many people are often confused about or indifferent to issues of ethics and morality -- issues that influence almost every decision a person makes throughout their entire lifetime. Decisions about friends, marriage, sexuality, family relationships, finances, work, and health are usually based upon personal preferences that are often formed by pressure from entertainment, media, marketing strategies, and peer pressure instead of solid biblical principles. At Hope we seek to integrate biblical principles into all aspects of life, and teach these important truths to our people.

Education is a necessary aspect for our worship and growth in the Christian life. Without the knowledge of God, we cannot worship Him with reverence and truth. We offer Sunday School classes for all ages in order to help us better understand the Christian faith, the Bible, and the character of God. We have a library located in our Sunday School area with many books, tapes, CDs, and DVDs on a wide variety of topics. All of these materials are available to our church family to use for further study.

Small Groups are an important part of our church life. In-home Bible studies offer in-depth discussions with others about spiritual and personal matters. These groups provide the kind of community that fosters friendship and support. If you feel alone, or would like the companionship of other Christians, we are a friendly, caring, outreaching congregation.

Committees are organized to handle any number of church activities and church business. These are yet another way to find involvement and build relationships with others. Our people are encouraged to share their spiritual gifts, skills, and talents in any area of their choosing: worship, outreach, fellowship, nurture, building and grounds, or consistory. The work of the church is a joy, and we welcome everyone's participation.

Children's Church is available for children ages 2 -8 years old as an alternative to staying in the sanctuary during the sermon. Children are welcome to stay with their families if parents so choose. Children's Church is designed to be a worship experience, teaching children the value of singing, praising, praying, tithing, and listening to God's Word using age-appropriate worship materials.